• Question: hey hey hey i need your help. tumblr user tinyhendrix, her name is jasmin, she's going to kill herself. she's planning on it. i'm begging her not to but she says her decision is final. please please please send her asks, send her anything, ask her not to do it. i'm not enough, she won't listen to me but i'm spreading this message to my clone club followers cause maybe with enough people involved we could change her mind. please help - prettyaveragewhiteshark
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OB creators (How much of the fan reaction you incorporate into the new season?) (x)


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is there anyone who can contact thats-oddly-romantic outside of tumblr? there hasn’t been any activity on her blog for the last few hours and if anyone can get in touch with her, or be able to tell me how she’s doing, please please do that right now.

in the meantime, keep sending her encouraging messages!

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So I just downloaded the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and I’m already addicted. Bad choice on my part.

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on a scale of one to hella how much do you hate me for this?

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no but seriously, reblog this and i will send you terrible three line fanfic based on your url

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So I have this headcanon AU where Beth and Cosima are best friends in high school and Beth sleeps around with girls at the school but Cosima is with Delphine and in love. Beth thinks that she is incapable of loving but always says things to Cosima like “that’s why your my best friend” and “I’m glad your in my life” without actually saying I love you. And Cos always says “You know, you say you don’t know how to love, but I’m pretty sure you do.” And I just love the thought of Cosima and Beth as best friends.


As much as love SoccerCop as a name. Why isn’t it called SoccerCopper?